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The purpose of the 2020 Global Digital Dialogue

To explore the electronics industry’s future, understand the disruptions, and provide guarded solutions.

Listen to discussions about the current, drastically diminished vision of the industry's future juxtaposes with promises of continued technological advances, despite a pandemic and global supply chain upheaval.

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Event Opens


Welcome & Event Overview

Martin Chatterton

Vice President - General Manager


Keynote: Jeff Bier

Perceptual AI: The Next Driver of Electronic Systems

Can you remember a time when microprocessors and microcontrollers were not ubiquitous?  Well, in 20 years or so, we’ll be asking ourselves a similar question:  Can you recall a time when our devices and systems didn’t have the ability to understand the world around them – including understanding us?  “Perceptual AI” is artificial intelligence that operates on real-world data, such as images, audio and video.

In this talk, Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance and President of BDTI, will explain why perceptual AI is proliferating in embedded systems, and will showcase some leading-edge applications that illustrate the powerful capabilities that perceptual AI enables.  Jeff will also highlight some of the challenges that electronic systems companies must overcome to successfully incorporate AI into their products.

Jeff Bier is founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, a partnership of 100+ leading technology companies, and is Program Chair of the Embedded Vision Summit, the leading conference for professionals who are incorporating computer vision and edge AI into products.  The Edge AI and Vision Alliance works to enable product creators to use practical computer vision and edge AI to solve real-world problems, and to help companies find their best opportunities in this burgeoning space.  Jeff is also president of BDTI, an engineering consulting firm.  BDTI helps companies incorporate visual AI into systems, and performs in-depth evaluations of processors, development tools, and algorithms.  Jeff earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Princeton and U.C. Berkeley.  He is a frequent invited speaker at conferences and universities around the world.

Jeff Bier

Founder, Edge AI and Vision Alliance
Program Chair, Embedded Vision Summit
President, BDTI



Talk Track 1:
Compliance and the Future of Material Regulations

Discussion on Compliance with Industry Experts 

Discussions about current compliance details throughout the world and what's in store for the future of regulations. An examination of regulations and implications to product development and sustainment.

Tierney Powers - Panel Moderator and Topic Expert

Senior Director-Americas

Anne Barr - Panelist and Topic Expert

Regulator and Development Director
The Compliance Map


Anne has over 20 years experience in the area of sustainability. Advising on product environmental and social compliance and sustainability. Providing regulatory guidance on chemicals, waste and resources management and supply chain transparency.

Donald Ballard - Panelist and Topic Expert

Senior Manager Product Environmental Compliance
Coherent, Inc.


Donald manages the 20+ business units within Coherent in all aspects of product environmental compliance such as RoHS, REACH, WEEE, SCIP Database, China RoHS, Conflict Minerals, Prop65 & other global hazardous substances legislation.


Talk Track 2:
Product Innovation and Market Disruption

Discussion on the Digital Thread and Industry 4.0

An examination of the Product Lifecycle and departmental obligations of production and manufacturing. Discussing the largest pain points when it comes to product innovation and bringing a product to market and how technologies like AI and machine learning play a role in solving the problems.

Vik Parthiban - Panel Moderator and Topic Expert

Director of Innovation and Product Strategy, Arrow Electronics / SiliconExpert
Research Affiliate, MIT
Former Team Captain of MIT Hyperloop II

Anna Thornton - Panelist and Topic Expert

Professor of the Practice (ME)
Boston University

Dr. Thornton earned her B.S.E. from Princeton University and her Ph.D. from Cambridge University. She started her career as a faculty member in MIT’s Mechanical Engineering department. During her time at MIT, her research focused on product development, manufacturing, and quality systems. After leaving MIT, she was a senior partner in Analytics Operations Engineering. At Analytics she worked with over 40 large companies to implement, streamline, and improve their product development, manufacturing, and quality systems. As the Director of Engineering and Quality at Dragon Innovation, she helped over 30 new hardware startups to transform prototype designs into final products. Dr. Thornton is the author of many articles, blogs, and a book and is a frequent speaker in multiple university programs and industry forums.

Vipul Bhatia - Panelist and Topic Expert

Integrating Manager
Keysight Technologies


Vipul is the R&D Program Manager for Merger & Acquisitions and has had the opportunity to integrate 3 companies and counting. Vipul also manages the Engineering Services Organization in India, which is a part of Central Technology function of Keysight Technologies. The Organization is a Centralized Team for managing the Corporate Part set up, maintaining the Engineering Information and all the critical information required for PCB layout & schematic design. The team also manages the active lifecycle for 100K+ parts along with critical Regulatory information.

Kelly Trzesniak - Panelist and Topic Expert

Business Operations Director for ArrowPlus
Arrow Electronics

Kelly has supported the successful completion of over 35 acquisitions, spanning all regions (North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America) and all business units across Arrow Electronics (Components, Enterprise Computing Solutions, Digital, Reverse Logistics, Arrow Intelligent Systems); representing a portfolio of ~$2 billion in revenues.


Talk Track 3:
Planning for the Next Wave of Supply Chain Disruptions and the Role of Digitization

The supply chain is a critical state in 2020 following intense pressure from trade wars, tariffs and Covid-19.  Businesses have discovered they lack visibility into second- and third-tier suppliers;  supply networks aren’t as resilient as they thought; and digitization may be necessary for survival. Moreover,  small companies that provide key products and services to the electronics industry are on the brink of bankruptcy.

Planning for the Next Wave of Supply Chain Disruptions will feature insights from Lynn Torrel, chief procurement officer for global EMS Flex; a Deloitte supply chain analyst; and  SiliconExpert’s Vern Densler. The panel will identify the supply chain vulnerabilities exposed by Covid; discuss mitigation strategies; and recommend actions to be taken before the next disruption.

Barbara Jorgensen - Panel Moderator and Topic Expert

Editor-in-Chief, EPSNews

Barb is editor-in-chief of supply chain publication EPSNews. She’s covered the electronics manufacturing industry for 30+ years for Electronic Business magazine; EBN, EDN, EETimes and other publications and websites

Lynn Torrel - Panelist and Topic Expert

Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer


Global End to End Supply Chain Responsibility for Flex, including Direct Materials, Indirect Materials, Transportation and Logistics, Business Operations, Materials Management, Strategic Supply Chain Management

Joseph Fitzgerald - Panelist and Topic Expert

Principal, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations Practice


Joseph is focused on supply chain strategy, planning, product development, and manufacturing. Most recently he has worked on enterprise planning and analytics transformations triggered by Digital transformation initiatives, global trade challenges and COVID responses.   He also currently leads Deloitte’s relationship with Semiconductor Capital Equipment clients.  Joseph’s consulting specialty is derived from 10 years of management and engineering experience in the semiconductor equipment industry, electronic materials science research, and high tech manufacturing.

Vernon Densler - Panelist and Topic Expert

Senior Technical Fellow, SiliconExpert
Former Systems Engineer/Manager of Obsolescence Management


Networking and Exploration Break

A chance to enter chat discussions and explore the lounges.


Panel Review and Summary

An interaction with today’s panel moderators reviewing the key takeaways.

Barbara Jorgensen

Editor-in-Chief, EPS News

Vik Parthiban

Director of Innovation and Product Strategy, Arrow Electronics / SiliconExpert
Research Affiliate, MIT
Former Team Captain of MIT Hyperloop II

Tierney Powers

Senior Director-Americas

Vernon Densler - Panel Moderator

Senior Technical Fellow, SiliconExpert
Former Systems Engineer/Manager of Obsolescence Management


Event Wrap Up & Thank you

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Martin Chatterton

Vice President - General Manager

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